Legal information

Company name

Company capital: €200,000
SIRET : 32330560700018
Intracommunity VAT number: FR59323305607
Website :
Publication manager: Benjamin Legrand


Limited company with capital of €10,069,020
Lille Métropole Register of Companies no. 424 761 419 00045
APE Code 2620Z
VAT no.: FR 22 424 761 419
Headquarters: 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France

Design and development

SARL G&M // Inodia
Company capital: €3000
SIRET : 79951402100044  RCS of Saint-Brieuc
Headquarters: 6T rue de la Déhanne 22400 LAMBALLE-ARMOR
Phone: +33 (0) 296 302 230
Website :

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