Insulated doors

Single leaf

In individual housing, our solution to separate your living rooms from your garage

Also called a cold cut door or isothermal door, the isothermal door separates and isolates two rooms with temperature differences. It is a solution to save energy.

The +

  • An essential door for any home with a garage adjoining the living spaces.
  • No warping in response to different heat and humidity levels.
    U value = 1.2w/m2.k

Panel and Decor Varieties


Dimension ranges

Height: 2040 mm
Width: 630 mm – 930 mm
Thickness: 40 mm

Machining / Fittings

Simple mortise
Faceplate mortise
Mortise + split hinges (110 × 55 mm)
Bottom groove

Wood quality

With knots

Frame section

30 x 33,5 mm


Solid / polystyrene + stiffeners


All of our products are certified at 70% PEFC.
Manufacture, storage, and installation in compliance with DTU 36.1-NF P23-201 standards

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