Sliding overlay doors

Sliding overlay doors

KIT DOOR surface-mounted system

The aesthetic space-saving solution

Ballay offers interior sliding doors for new builds and renovations. Would you like a sliding overlay doorin your interior? Our wooden sliding door is easy to install and comes with a variety of customisation options.

The +

  • Compliance with
    construction standards
  • A comprehensive range of sliding doors for new build and renovated homes and tertiary buildings
  • Easy to paint
  • Easy to install
  • Panels with traditional or contemporary looks

Panels and Decor Variants


Dimension ranges

Isoplanar panels
Height: 2040 mm
Widths: 730/ 830/930 mm
Thickness: 40 mm

Postformed panels
Height: 2040 mm
Widths: 730/ 830/930
Thickness: 40 mm

Machining / Fittings

Pit hole + bottom groove (compatible with all frames)

Wood quality

With or without knots

Frame section

36 x 33.5 mm (Reinforced top frame)




All of our products are certified at 70% PEFC.
Manufacture, storage, and installation in compliance with DTU 36.1-NF P23-201 standards

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