Door only

Door only

Single leaf

The universal door range par excellence

Ballay offers you wooden single leaf interior doors suitable for any home or tertiary project. For property development professionals, these traditional doors come with many customisation options for delivery. Easy to install for quick completion.

The +

  • Compliance with construction standards
  • A comprehensive range of interior doors for housing and tertiary buildings
  • New builds and renovation
  • Easy to paint
  • Panels with traditional or contemporary looks

Panel and decor varieties


Dimension ranges

Isoplane panels:
Height: 2015 – 2315 mm
Width: 630 -1230 mm, Thickness: 34 – 40 mm

Postformed panels:
Height: 2040 – 2115 mm
Width: 630 -1230 mm, Thickness: 34 – 40 mm

Machining / Fittings

Simple mortise
Faceplate mortise
Mortise + split hinges (110 × 55 mm)
Invisible hinges
Trough + bottom groove
(compatible with all frames)

Wood quality

With or without knots


Tubular (214 Kg/m³)
Solid (390 Kg/m³)


All of our products are certified at 70% PEFC.
Manufacture, storage, and installation in compliance with DTU 36.1-NF P23-201 standards

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